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Service Registries : WSIL & UDDI

Often there is a confusion on what is WSIL and what is UDDI, what is the difference between them, as on a high level, both seem to be the same. Both Web Services Inspection Language(WSIL)and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration(UDDI) … Continue reading

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Some technical stuff on it

My other post on SOA briefs you what SOA is all about in a very generic, real life scenario. Now, lets talk some technical stuff here. There’s no standard definition for SOA, it is just a methodology followed, and each … Continue reading

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Service Component Architecture(SCA) – Its all about assembly

We’ve been repeatedly saying that SOA is neither a technology nor a specification, but just an architectural approach in designing enterprise applications. If that’s true, then how is it realized? Is it with the help of services that follow those … Continue reading

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Mediator in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Mediator, as the name implies, mediates the message flow. SOA is all about message flows between disparate systems, and mediators play an important role in this. It forms the communication layer between the services, thus providing a kind of service … Continue reading

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Logical Grouping – Partitions in SOA Suite 11g

In order to logically group your composite application deployments, SOA Suite provides a feature called partitions. This way, it will be a lot easier to manage deployments, grouping them based on certain logical criteria. You can perform bulk life cycle … Continue reading

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