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Creating a Simple BPEL Process : HelloWorld BPEL

Business Process Execution Language(BPEL) is an execution language for defining business processes. In short, it is the language for orchestrating multiple WebServices based on the business logic. This post is about creating your first BPEL process using Oracle SOA Suite … Continue reading

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Deploying artifacts to MDS

Its quite often that certian artifacts like schemas, transformation files, wsdl’s, etc. are used across projects. In such cases, it is not a good idea to create them in each and every project, rather such artifacts are to be shared … Continue reading

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Entity Variables – Connected Variables

This blog discusses about a new kind of variables in Oracle SOA Suite 11g called Entity Variables There are 2 kinds of variables in generalXML DOM based Variables & Entity Variables DOM based VariablesThese are XML variables that adhere to … Continue reading

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Service Data Object (SDO)

This blog talks about a technology that acts as a data provider service – Service Data Object – Which provides a framework as well as an APIThis blog talks about SDO’s in SOA context. For a complete info on SDO, … Continue reading

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Creating a SDO based on ADF Business Component

SDO’s provide a way to access the underlying data layer in an implementation agnostic manner Oracle’s Application Development Framework(ADF) gives a way to create an SDO based on its Business Component in a very easy manner This tutorial shows you … Continue reading

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Importing a SOA Composite into JDev

  This tutorial shows you how to import an existing project into your workspace Before anything, you need to have the project/jar file of the composite in your local directory Open Jdev, File –> Import –> SOA Archive into SOA … Continue reading

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Deploying a SOA composite – Using JDeveloper

This tutorial shows how to deploy a SOA Composite using JDev This tutorial assumes you’ve already built a SOA composite Before anything, create a an Application Server Connection as explained in this blog Rt click on the project –> deploy   … Continue reading

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One time setup to create SOA Server Connection

Setting up Application Server Connection Create an application server connection to the Admin Server in your SOA Doamin so that you can deploy directly to any of the soa managed servers residing in that domain Follow the steps given below … Continue reading

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Working with a Mediator : Echo Pattern

This blog shows you how to work with a Mediator component in Oracle SOA Suite 11g. This example uses the Echo pattern of the Mediator. An Echo is a simple “reply to the caller” pattern where the requestor immediately gets … Continue reading

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