BPM – Primavera P6 Integration Issue – Workflow link not coming up in "My Workflows"

During Primavera P6 – BPM Integration, sometimes you may get the following scenarios

– BPM Initiator link missing in “My Workflows” link
– BPM tasks coming up in Primavera P6 BPM Portlet, but link not appearing

There may be a case where the BPM workflow is working completely fine through BPM Workspace, but from the Primavera P6 BPM portlet, you will be able to see the tasks, but you don’t find a link to initiate the workflow.

If you check the Primavera P6 logs, here is what you find

ERROR com.primavera.infr.srvcs.bpm.BPMNServiceImpl ?:? BPM service could not connect to BPM Identity service provider for database 1
Service error.
Internal Error; Service error occurs in BPMIdentityService in method authenticateUser.
Refer to the log file that is configured for oracle.soa.services.identity for more details on this error and contact Oracle Support Services

This happens if you dont grant privileges to the jar files you’ve added to the Primavera P6 WLS
Just put the follwoing snippt in weblogic.policy file you find under  in your Primavera WLS

//Grant privileges to BPM
grant codeBase “file:/u200/app/GTAXAP/orgtaxap/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/11g_bpm/modules/*” {
  permission java.security.AllPermission;

Works like a charm, suddenly the link starts appearing in “My Workflows”

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