Customizing generated ADF task forms in Human Tasks

Many times, there are cases where you need to customize the defualt generated task forms in BPM Applications
Simple examples could be to have a list of values as a drop-down for a particular field. If this field is of type string, then the default generated task form will have a simple text box of type string. Now, this is not the thing you want, you may need a drop down here. How do you address this scenario?
Its simple, you have to know some ADF and you are done!
Open the .jspx page generated for the task form, click on the field that you want to modify, go to src and replace that with the ADF code snippet that you want
Make use of a Managed Bean where you pull the values to be displayed, then in the .jspx page, write code for the LOV that pulls values from that operation in the ManagedBean
                    <af:selectOneChoice label="EPS Name" id="soc1" autoSubmit="true"
                      <f:selectItems value="#{pageFlowScope.wsAccessorBean.lovValuesForEPS}"
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