Manual Process VS Reusable Process : Oracle BPM Suite 11g

When you try to create a BPM Process, the editor gives you 4 options
Synchronous Process
Asynchronous Process
Manual Process
Reusable Process

The first 2 are obvious, with begin and end activities as ‘Message Type’
But both Manual and Reusable processes has begin and end activities as ‘None Events’. If both are same, then why two different options?

There is a difference

The Manual Process, though the start event is a None Event, has an Initiator node that starts the process. Also, A manual process’ start event can be transformed into another type. Also, there can be multiple start events to the same process.
On the other hand, the Reusable Process starts with a None start event. And there wont be an initiator after that. If any initiator node is added, or the start event is changed, this no longer becomes a reusable process. A Reusable Process can be called from a ‘Call’ Activity

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