Cleared Oracle BPM Certification

I’ve done my Oracle BPM Certification (IZ0 560) today, and want to share my learning path for the certification.

Fortunately, I had a chance to work on a highly customized BPM project for about 2 months which gave me a great insight into Oracle BPM Suite 11g and all its features, which helped me a lot to prepare for the certification.

But for those who didn’t have any real time experience on BPM Projects, for those who are practicing on their own, I would suggest the following path

First of all, Start with the basic BPM tutorial by Oracle

This example gives you a basic foundation on the BPM Suite and its modelling capabilities.
Once you are done with this, its time for you to take a deep dive into the Suite
This books works on a single, big project that covers almost all the features of the Suite

Though it takes some time, do not skip it, this is the best book for beginners to get a good knowledge and learning experience on the entire Suite.

Once you are done, thats it! You are almost ready for the exam
Look at the certification link for the list of topics and see if you’ve covered all these.

Note that if you are well versed with SOA Suite, learning BPM and getting certified would be a cakewalk, provided you put some effort.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for share!!!!

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