OSB Proxy Service Error :: Two or more operations expect the same incoming message

When you create a proxy service in OSB, sometimes you may encounter the following desing time error

[OSB Kernel:398034]Two or more operations expect the same incoming message, you must use a selector different than message body xxx.proxy /xxx/business Unknown ALSB Conflict

This happens when your wsdl has multiple operations and the types of atleast two of these operations share a similar message type. Operations are selected based on a particular algorithm, so in this case, the default Operation Selection Algorithm ‘SOAP Body Type’ won’t work as the operation message types are not unique. In such cases, you need to specify a different selection algorithm like ‘SOAPAction Header’
Go to Operation tab –> select ‘SOAPAction Header’ – provided the operations in the wsdl define SOAPAction

Check my next blog if the wsdl doesn’t have or a blank SOAPHeader element

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