the exception reported is: java.lang.IllegalStateException: this is only a psuedo object

Sometimes, you may endup with the following error during deployment – the jar builds up fine, but error during deployment.

[11:04:54 PM] HTTP error code returned [500]
[11:04:54 PM] Error message from server:
There was an error deploying the composite on AdminServer: Deployment Failed: Error occurred during deployment of component: DetermineDeadline to service engine: implementation.bpel, for composite: Complaint_Decision: ORABPEL-05250

Error deploying BPEL suitcase.
error while attempting to deploy the BPEL component file “/oracle/fmwhome/user_projects/domains/dev_soa_osb/servers/AdminServer/dc/soa_1d83d7f5-1d65-4788-b497-f5ee15431311”; the exception reported is: java.lang.IllegalStateException: this is only a psuedo object

This error contained an exception thrown by the underlying deployment module.
Verify the exception trace in the log (with logging level set to debug mode).

[11:04:54 PM] Check server log for more details.
[11:04:54 PM] Error deploying archive sca_xxx_rev1.0.0.0.jar to partition “xxx” on server AdminServer [http://SOABPM-VM:7001] 
[11:04:54 PM] ####  Deployment incomplete.  ####

The same project that was deploying properly suddenly stops working. This may be because one or more wsdl’s/xsd’s used in the project are changed recently or the references have updated their wsdl’s. Just refresh the bindings, update the MDS(if you are using MDS), and that solves the issue.

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